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EliteUniverse Rules & Guidelines

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EliteUniverse Rules & Guidelines

Post by Site Bot on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:24 pm

EliteUniverse Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to EliteUniverse, the English Gaming Community where you can relax and meet other gamers worldwide. We hope you will take the small time it will take to read our rules and understand them. These rules were designed for the users to understand how things go around here at EliteUniverse.

Please be sure that your posts and threads show full respect toward the EliteUniverse Users & Staff. If they don't then it will be removed.

Multiple Accounts:
You are not allowed to have more then 1 account on this forum at 1 time. If you do then 1 of them will be banned and the other will receive a serious warning.

Illegal Content:
Illegal Content such as profanity, pornographic content, downloads, warez, cracks, mods, cheats, hacks, or anything of the sort. You will be immediately banned!

Private Messaging:
There is no Advertising or Requesting for support via PM. If you are caught doing so, you will have your PM box closed!

Bumping Threads:
If you have made a thread that hasn't gotten any activity. Then you are allowed to bump it. You may only bump your thread every 24 hours!

Topic Title:
Please be sure that your topic title is related to your thread content. If your thread is about Apple Devices, then don't put "Gaming" as the title. Name is something related to your thread.

Posting Sections:
Please be sure that you are posting in the correct sections of our forum. This will help keep it organized and well designed. If it is in the wrong place, ask for it to be moved by the Staff. They will move it to the correct area.

Please be sure that you Avatar is appropriate. If it isn't then you will no longer have an Avatar on your account.

Members of EliteUniverse are not allowed to have Signatures in their profiles. The Staff of EliteUniverse are allowed to have Signatures as they have earned that right.

Possible Sanctions:
Warning Bars are simply used for the Staff of EliteUniversal to know how you are acting in the Community. It also shows how many warnings you have received.


Exclamation Note: Be sure to reread the EliteUniverse Rules & Guidelines regularly as they are bound to change without any prior notice to you. If you don't read them and mess up on the forum, then that will be your fault. Thanks for reading the Rules & Guidelines!

Best Regards,
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